Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Has anyone read the news recently?? Bush just gave a firm, unequivocal endorsement of Israel's fight against Palestenian terrorists. Note that I don't say "Palestinians"; that creates a strong generalization. It's sort of like the situation in the movie (whose name I forget) that dealt with a scheme by young Brazilian students to kidnap the American diplomat and get U.S. recognition of their plight under a totalitarian regime. At one point, a police officer confides to his wife that he's going to have to torture the students to extract information and he basically admits that the kids are the unwilling dupes of scum who are recruiting impressionable people for their bloody revolutionary ideals. And that's the way the Palestinian situation is: once they are no longer being urged to blow themselves up and recieve their virgins in heaven, the suicide bombings will stop. And the way to end those urgings is through a change in Palestinian government. The first step to that change is--you guessed it--strengthening of our bond with Israel and assurance that we will stand by them and see them through their dark days. So thank God for something to be glad about in these hours of doubt and uncertainty.


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