Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Great Lottery Debacle

So Hank and I did quite a bit of research this afternoon trying to find good rooms. After carefully looking at floor plans in Jefferson we narrowed our choices down to a couple well-sized rooms on the Third Floor. After all, it's a "sub-free" hall and neither of us drink, smoke, or toke, so we had nothing to worry about. And wouldn't the party people avoid the sub-free halls leaving them for us?
Well, we got to the Lottery over in Trinkle and happened to notice that a bunch of rooms in Chandler weren't taken. Chandler is a very nice dorm with spacious rooms and a suite set-up (i.e., two rooms share a bathroom between them). So we figured we had it made--we could go for Chandler and fall back on the big rooms on Jefferson Third if it came to that.
Fate caught up with us, however, and the people in front of us took the last room in Jefferson (and Chandler went like wildfire in California). Hank and I were using lottery number 1987 (mine) and apparently Jefferson started emptying around 1960 or so. Basically, we got shafted. So we started sweating bullets--it was either Bryan Basement, which is basically a dungeon, or Dillard Complex which is a residential Hell for those of us who don't want or can't afford a car. So we ended up going with Pleasants. After overhearing a chance remark that the first floor is independent co-ed (since most of Randolph Complex, where Pleasants is located, is frats or langauge housing), I told Hank we should definitely aim for it. After all, the set-up is okay, the rooms are decently sized, it's right near Tex (my PMA big brother), and the frat above us, Sig Ep, isn't too noisy (although they're a bit sketchy).
So we went over to the Pleasants table where they recieved us with open arms. The entire first floor was open and after a bit of friendly bickering we settled on Pleasants 108. Hank was somewhat put-out; he really had his heart set on Jefferson. However, novel experiences at college tend to be more positive than novel experiences anywhere else, and I'm looking forward to next year. On my urging we went over and toured Pleasants First and got to see our room; Hank was delighted to find out that we are on a co-ed floor, seperated from the girls by only a kitchen and a few couches. It was, in his words, a "pimp" arrangement.
So yeah. Should be good. Here's the room, for those of you who are interested. It's gonna be a party...


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