Monday, April 12, 2004

Birthday wish list (to whom it may concern) *innocent look*:

Poetic Justice, with Miles Wilkinson, Buddy Mondlock, Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, and Ellis Paul

A trenchcoat. And not one of those sketch trenchcoats made famous by Klebold and Harris. A dressy trenchcoat to go with a suit. (Preferably in a dark shade of gray so it matches mine.)

A new cold weather shirt. Something loose and comfortable, preferably in a neutral color, like khaki.

Black pants. Always more black pants.

Another cloth cap. Those are expensive, though...I'd take the trenchcoat over a cloth cap any day.

Those flying lessons I got promised back in the Christmas of...when was it, '96??? *grin*

Ties. And a dress shirt. Maybe dark red? Dark blue would work well with the suit, too.

Some new black dress shoes. Polish and shining can only do so much.

A new coffee cup.

A Reagan poster. Or a Bush poster. Or a Grateful Dead poster. Any/all of these would be great. (Next semester's roommate is a fellow conservative, so there's no need to worry about defacement.)

A book of Tennyson's poetry. I just realized this semester how much I like that man's work.

That's all that comes to mind right now. I realize the trenchcoat is probably a pipe dream but *shrugs* whatev. I thought of it the other night (probably for initiation) when I got cold wearing the suit and imagined how nice (and tres stylish) it would be to have a dress trenchcoat to wear with it. The rest is mainly just random stuff that's occured to me since I got here. Too bad I can't remember more of it...


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