Friday, April 16, 2004

Anyone who wants to read an exceptional article by the unparalleled Victor Davis Hanson on the 9/11 "Commission" should click on the National Review link to the right. He can say it much better than perhaps anyone can--though Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, and James Lileks all come close. Here's a short excerpt, and one that very quickly and concisely gets to the nub of the laughability of the preening and posturing of those on the "Commission."

"Then came these 9/11 hearings in the midst of war, and a most surprising new thesis was advanced. A Clinton administration that had done very little to retaliate during some eight years of terrorist attacks and provocations was now seen as less culpable than the newly inaugurated Bush team. About-face critics alleged that the latter, in its initial dozen weeks of governance, had not properly digested intelligence data, steeled its will — and, yes, preempted the terrorists by sending American troops far abroad to kill them before they could kill us. Apparently, the notoriously preemptory Mr. Bush was now to be condemned as not preemptory enough." [emphasis in original]


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