Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Another late post

Some reflections on Taliaferro and the "Cult" therein:

Wysong will keep jury-rigging and BS'ing his way through scholarships, a trip to Russia, and life in general.
Matt will continue to sleep during the day and play video games all night.
Hank will continue to be the center of most dorm dramas, and will doubtless keep talking trash.
Liz and Christina will always be dancing across the Lounge, any hour of the day.
Catherine will continue to be our conscience.
J.P. will continue to be a manpho.
Dave will always refer to the people around him as "biyatch."
Brothers will always be a dork.
Chrissy will continue to overwork herself and spend more time at Swem than she does asleep.
Sarah will always be able to beat up any guy in the dorm.
Idaho will forever be a goofy kid.
Tyler will always be full of strange yet profound wisdom.
Mike will continue to finish anything he does with "F*** this game!"
And Joe will always have only two topics of conversation, one of which is math.


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