Saturday, April 24, 2004
There's something very magical about freshman year King and Queen's Ball, I guess. The lights, the tents, the live band, and all the dressed up people milling around. You see a lot of people you know but their hair is up and they have on a beautiful dress or they're showered, shaved, and wearing a suit/tux. It's hard to believe some of them were the people I share a campus with.
I believe I've heard some people describe your first experience with dances like that as intoxicating. I've never been drunk, so I can't attest to that, but if you have the right date and if you realize, like me, that you're not as afraid of dancing as you used to be, then the music and the beat sort of call to you, and get inside your blood. I'm not saying I'm a terrific dancer--I'm saying I had fun. Which, for me, at a dance, is quite a feat.
And naturally Alicia looked quite stunning. She had on this coppery colored dress, and as part of the Nu Kappa Epsilon "Clue Week" she had to wear these four colored spangly things in her hair the entire night. We were a little bit diffident about some of the dances but overall I think we danced quite a bit (if the soreness of my right foot is any sort of signal).
I don't think many nights could top the way I felt last night. Maybe one or two at Chanco, maybe some of the nights I spent at the Blackstone retreats (both of them Episcopal Youth Community retreats)--but other than that, that may have been one of the most enjoyable and--well, yes--intoxicating evenings of my life.
And with that in mind, I'm going to go get brunch and then start getting ready for the Phi Mu Alpha formal.


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