Monday, March 15, 2004

Well, today was a great last day of break. Mr. Durfor and Mrs. Lufkin came down from Maryland to de-bug the room. Apparently (God bless them) they used three cans of Raid around the room and bed, and got rid of Andrew's headrest, which was the main bug base of operations in the room. I'm going to try sleeping up here tonight, since the bed is so thoroughly poisonous to insect life. I'll probably have to spray repeatedly over the course of the next couple weeks, but this looks like the start of the decline of the parasites in Taliaferro 220. So thanks to the Durfor household for their hard work...may it yield large dividends.
In other news, I've been taking lots and lots of digital pictures around the dorm. Hopefully I can send a bunch of them home and my dad can put them up on (see link to your right). I hope to have a running montage of dorm life here at Taliaferro.
So tonight we see how the Great Extermination went. I'll never be able to say "sleep tight" without remembering this academic year, I imagine.


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