Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well, I managed to grab some sleep in the lounge. Actually much better than I expected, and I conked out pretty quickly. I guess stress is a good soporific after the adrenaline wears off.
I've been thinking...(pause for obligatory wiseass comments)...that I might have caught the main contigent of the Bedbug Liberation Front or the Bedbug Authority or whatever it is these creatures happen to be calling their movement. If each bedbug averages about three bites, then that means I probably had about eight or so last night. Which is about the number I caught.
I still don't feel like sleeping there though.

And for future reference, these bedbugs aren't caused by any unsanitary habits of me or my roommate. We just happen to have the misfortune (bad karma?) of picking them up last year. I only hope we can get rid of them before next year's freshmen get here.


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