Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This seems to be the day of re-opened wounds. My head is all messed up now...I haven't felt this weird since the day I found out the stuff Andrew and Katie said about me. God, what a nightmare. Shout out to Katie for breaking my carefully planned healing process--thanks a LOT. Next time I want a painful blast from the past I'll go back to my old high school and relive bad experiences.
Arg...and now I'm bitter again. I probably shouldn't be posting this, and I'll most likely delete it in the morning. So many jumbled thoughts running through my head--the most coherent one being:
"If I'm the wronged one in this situation, the one person who suffered the most from a pretty unequal love triangle, why is Katie the one who's talking about "moving on"?" For God's sake, I was doing okay on my own...I feel like I'm trapped between the hammer and the anvil. So where do I run to now for sanity?


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