Monday, March 29, 2004

So Katie IM's me out of the blue today. Actually, I suspect that it wasn't out of the blue--I'd like to think she was doing it on her own but somehow that doesn't seem likely. At any rate, speculations aside...I remembered all those thoughts I had back in mid-December, the things I'd say, the anger and hurt that I would let go in one firey blast. So I searched my soul and...
I mean, yes, there's anger...yes, there's pain...but there's enough pain in my soul already without having to hand it over to someone else, like a bad luck charm. So no, I didn't let her go unscathed...God knows I'm not perfect. But considering what I felt like doing not too long ago, and what I probably at one time was capable of, I feel glad that I was fairly contained. It gives me hope...although I suppose I regret not having enough steel to get out of the conversation faster.


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