Thursday, March 04, 2004

Not much to say this week. Today is when things started picking up. I had a Calc quiz, a Psych Exam (or test, or whatever the term is--the whole "midterm" concept is wacky to begin with) and then a Chem lab today. So it's been all fun and games. After spending an hour and a half staring at a cyclohexane ring on a computer program, my head was aching like an overripe melon. So I went to dinner with Danni, but we just ended up getting into a political argument. She's a (yechhh) socialist, antiglobalist, pot-smoking, yadda yadda yadda. Ho hum. Same old story. The battles I choose always end up being Stalingrad or Ypres.
Today is also my nephew's birthday. Happy 14th, Dennis! Seems like he's growing up faster than I am--maybe he'll be able to buy me beer.

Danny (to Mike Nardone): "Shut up, Italian Jersey kid! That's right--the worst of Europe combined with the worst of America. You and your Northern Post-Apocolyptic Dread and your useless board of tourism and your slight success with the Karate Kid movies!"


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