Friday, March 12, 2004

Not much to report on, break-wise. I did manage to get back to Fuqua and visit some of my teachers from high school. It's always a bit of a shock, walking back into an aspect of your pre-collegiate life. Like seeing through a pane of glass or a thin wall of can interact and feel connected to your surroudings, but there's a sense that there's a separation as well. 'The Shadow,' as Eliot termed it. Not necessarily a bad thing--just the way it happens to fall when you're away for a while and put yourself back into a place where you no longer have a set role or function.
But now I'm back and Emily and Rachel (friends from Camp Chanco) are coming to visit tomorrow. We'll probably be having dinner, although they have to leave fairly early to get back to Norfolk for typical Saturday stuff. And I have to finish unpacking. Although I always think I'm traveling light, stuff always seems to accumulate. Maybe it's just the size of the room but I think my possessions are multiplying. Maybe I'll find all the CD's and books that I've lost over the years. Either way, I hope Mr. Hoffa will move soon. He's taking up lots of valuable room.


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