Thursday, March 18, 2004

Exciting week--the College put us up at the Hospitality House (a nice hotel on Richmond Road) while they exterminate the damn bugs. So Andrew and I are there until tomorrow--we got there Monday--and it's been great. I finally get a decent night's sleep and Law and Order is on most nights.
In other news, I got a 67 on my Psych test. Yeah, not great, I know...but with any luck I'll do better next time. Plus my grades in Calc and English are good (A- and B+ respectively) so that should balance things out. Zack told me Prof. Pilkington, our instructor, curves at the end of the year too. Unrelated to that, I figured out an elaborate plan to fool the vending machine downstairs by using both change and Express points. I used the same 65 cents on my Express card twice and only spent 10 cents--for $1.40 worth of candy. Unfortunately, it isn't foolproof, but with time and patience I should be able to figure out a way to perfect it by next year.
And no, the reason I got a bad grade in Psych isn't because I goof off trying to screw the vending machine company. I got a bad grade because I don't excel in social sciences--they're so bogus anyway, I figure it's just a reflection of how much I loathe faux-scientific pursuits. No offense to shrinks or stock analysts.


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