Wednesday, March 24, 2004

BERLIN (AP)— German President Johannes Rau canceled a trip to Djibouti Tuesday after receiving threats that Islamic terrorists were planning to try and assassinate him, his office said.

Well, I guess that's what they get, after supporting our war in Iraq--oh wait, that's right, they and the French OPPOSED the war. So why would Islamic terrorists want to murder Rau?
Perhaps we would do better to consider that the terrorists want to murder everyone who doesn't bow to Mecca during prayers, everyone who doesn't attend the mosque, everyone who believes that women and men have equal rights, everyone who doesn't believe that homosexuals should be punished with mutilation and death--in short, all those who don't ascribe to the beliefs of sharia. They want us DEAD, regardless of whether we held signs that said "Bush = Hitler" or whether we looked at the footage of Saddam's statue falling and said "About damn time." The question is not "Why do they hate us?" but "Why are we such morons?"


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