Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Tonight saw one of the greatest things ever: Taliaferro TP-Fest 2004.
What happened was, Hank and Mike Nardone began throwing a roll of toilet paper back and forth between the couches downstairs in the lounge. As usually happens with adolescent males, things began to escalate, and soon Danny Wysong, Alan, Andy "Argentina," Ben, and eventually I joined in. We ended up using about four rolls, with our bodies almost completely mummified from the waist up and with a solid mass of criss-crossed rolls in the middle. In answer to your unasked question: Yes, we have pictures. We even have a fairly long (over a minute) video clip of us singing "Hava Nagila" as we rise, ghost-like, in our shrouds of white paper. Then we start throwing it at each other and things go their usual course--my favorite part was when Hank put a clump of ripped up toilet paper on his head and ran around bent over screaming "I AM THE BULL!" and ramming people.
The sad part is, very few people saw us doing this. And we didn't even get in trouble with an RA. Why we even bother, I don't know...*sigh*

Oh yeah, and a little side note: Let it be known that we did this without the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind--unless you count chemical imbalances in the brain.


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