Saturday, February 14, 2004

Ten waltzes, one slow dance, four-part harmony...
Wait, let me start over. So I got to Waltz Ball and found out that you had to sign up for waltzes, just like the days of yore (as in, "yore all idiots for having me sign up for waltzes"). Turns out there are more girls than guys, which benefits me no end. I was running into girls with 8 or 9 empty out of 10 waltz "slots." My date, Carolyn, from Pleasants (where Tex lives), and I decided to take the first and last dances with each other. Eventually, my dance card looked like this:

1 - Carolyn
2 - Carrie
3 - Diana
4 - Hilary
5 - Susan
6 - Megan
7 - Mary Catherine
8 - Sidney
9 - Cheryl
10 - Carolyn

Waltzes of note: Hillary was by far the best dancer I had the pleasure of waltzing with, although Carolyn had had prior experience. The only thing about it was that the fourth waltz was at a reasonable speed, wheras I had trouble figuring out the beat of the first and tenth (among others...the beat of the sixth defies description, i.e., it changed tempo as often as a Hollywood starlet changes hair colors.) At any rate, it was the only one on which any of the Princess Turns we attempted went smoothly. I'd have to say the pleasure of the fourth outdid the aggravation or frustration of fast/unintelligible tempos on the parts of the other songs.
After the Waltz, PMA sang in four-part harmony to our new fraternity sweetheart. (For the record, she's Heather Ligman, and is the president of NKE, the music sorority.) After giving her the flowers we concluded with a perfunctory "Hail Sinfonia." Some music guy whose name I never caught said some stuff I didn't understand and presented awards which had no meaning to me, so I kind of toned that out.
Finally, at the end, there was the obligatory Bubblegum slow dance song. After which Carolyn and I proceeded back to Pleasants, where I dropped her off. I then came back here to explain where I'd been to the people of my dorm who have, apparently, never seen me in a suit. Their loss.


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