Saturday, February 07, 2004

Nothing much going on here now...last night we had some sort of drinking bust in which most people blew unhumanly high numbers on the breathalyzer. Not surprising; a lot of these guys have been drinking so long there's significant amounts of blood in their alcohol.
I saw Reservoir Dogs over at Amy's room as well, while everyone else was singing songs of sobriety to the cops. Not one that I would recommend to anyone except guys who enjoy gratuitous violence. Personally, I prefer my bad action movies laced with explosions so at least I can get my pyro pleasures fulfilled.
And I've finally discovered the fun of a midnight coffee run. Mike, Joe, Alan, Christine, Liz, Hank, and I all went down to the Daily Grind the other night at around 12:30 and had all kinds of fun making obscene jokes, almost getting into fights with stoned people, and basically being 18. College rocks so much...


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