Tuesday, February 10, 2004

In lieu of any political screed, I'm going to just say this: READ JAMES LILEKS! Scroll down past the part about a song he downloaded from the 'Net and start reading when he mentions Clinton's plan for a pre-emptive strike. Yes, that's right: Ole Slick Willie had a plan for invading Iraq just based on the fact that Sadaam could be RE-building his weapons supply. I think it's time a few people opened up a nice bag of SHHH and dug in.
In other news...am currently acing Calculus. Orgo continues to be Chemistry 666: Handiwork of Satan, and I'm in dire straits as far as the homework goes. Andy, Chrissy, and I tend to agonize over it in the two or three days before it's due. Psych is all notes and no homework, and English is all reading and very little notes. Supposedly we have a paper due the 20th; guess when I'm going to be starting that? Whatever you guessed, it's probably about right (if you know me at all).


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