Thursday, January 29, 2004

I was listening to some Democrats at the breakfast table this morning, and in between wincing at comments about Bush and Reagan, I overheard some things that point to why the Left has gone so wrong.
For one thing, there is no loyalty. The people I was listening to were discussing candidates, not in terms of their stance, but their popularity. The fact that the Dems started with nine candidates isn't a cause--it's an EFFECT of the problem at hand. Namely, that they're so divided that the only possible thing to bring them together is a rabid hatred of Bush. Naturally, hate is never strong enough to create a healthy bond, so ties and allegiances are breaking apart and re-forming like weak electrical attractions, without seeming rhyme or reason.
Unless they can find a semblance of rationality, sanity, and moderation, the Left is doomed to the rat's alley where the dead men left their bones. Or so it seems to me after listening to people I consider mild-mannered and even-tempered when it comes to topics other than politics.


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