Friday, January 23, 2004

Had Multi-variable Calc and Psych as a social science yesterday. Calc could go either way. I have Professor Pankov, who could easily win a spot in a 60's film as the "Mad Russian." He talks like a stock Kremlin-type bad guy. The subject matter...mehhhh, could be boring, could be OK, hard to tell as of yet. Calc is better the less you spend on it; an hour and twenty minutes seems like overkill.
Psych was pretty cool. We spent most of the latter part of it debunking palm reading. Apparently the "fortunes" that are "read" in your palm are designed, like many other scams, to be so general that they fit 99% of the population. It was sort of an exercise in comedy, though. If my personality is defined by my fingernails then my inner self is jagged and poorly trimmed. Ah well.
English is shaping up to be a good class. If we keep talking and discussing things as intelligently as we already do, we may not have to write any essays! Plus there's no midterm. Score!


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