Monday, January 26, 2004

According to Chrissy Gustafson, we are "Crazy Virginians" for having "very little snow and no school." My and Danny Wysong's reaction was: "Well, you're a Minnesotan--that's punishment enough. Go talk funny and eat some lutefisk, why dontcha?" At any rate, we got quite a bit; probably four to six inches in most places. Just about the whole campus was out on the Sunken Gardens at some point last night. We threw snowballs and threw frisbees--I think there was also a football game going on at some point. Then Danny W., Ben, Alan, and I went down to Crim Dell to see if it was freezing (not particularly). We trekked back and found Liz Mullin (i.e., Danny's girlfriend, not Liz Sadock), Christine, and Max, and the seven of us went down to the Daily Grind for hot chocolate and games. I played Liz in Mancala and Ben and Alan in chess, and we gradually dispersed back towards Taliaferro in groups of two or three. When we got back there was a fire in the fireplace and we played Halo on the XBox for a while. We still weren't sure at that point whether or not there was school, but we were feeling Bulletproof and four of us--me, Hank, Joe, and Danny W--decided to go out and generally wreak havoc. So, armed with Marketplace trays that had been stolen at various times, we went over to Hunt and snuck inside. We didn't do anything (really! we didn't, so help me), and ended up walking down Richmond Road. By "walking down," I mean "walking on" Richmond Road--it was completely snowed over and hadn't been plowed for some time, so we ambled down the middle of it at 2:30 in the morning without a care in the world. So after we got to Wawa we got some sandwiches and meandered back to Tali, where the fire was still going. The lights were off and it was really cosy, so we stayed down there eating marshmallows and making obscene jokes for quite some time. After a while it became too much even for me (I wimp out easy--some college student, I) and I went to bed. Luckily, there was no class; I must be living under fortuitous stars.
And so went my snow day(s). A very enjoyable four day weekend!


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