Monday, December 15, 2003

It'd be a travesty for me to try to expound on what's already been said about Saddam's capture. I find it typical, however, that some of my liberal friends are more worried about how this affects Bush's re-election--or worse, that it might "distract" the American people from what we "really" invaded Iraq for. Uh...last time I checked, it was to 1) depose Saddam Hussein and 2) find his WMD's. Now we have the guy literally at gunpoint--ya think he might be willing to show us a few liters of sarin or VX for our troubles? You know, so he doesn't wind up with a 9mm bullet for a brain and yet another muddy hole for a resting place. The Left has become the Politowhiners of the American political spectrum. "I want a party! I want a pony! BUSH LIED!" Geez. I predict an upsurge in the economy--at least as far as medications go. My acid reflux and headaches have gotten worse ever since those idiots started their carping the minute the DNA tests came back positive.


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