Thursday, December 04, 2003

It snowed a little today...however, this is Williamsburg, where it's warm 11 months out of the year and the snow won't stick even if you put down flypaper. Oh well. Snow isn't going to cancel school and I've got finals coming up, so the weather has been the last thing on my mind lately.
Except ice. That would be nifty; I could build another igloo.
Oh yes, the finals. Right. Nothing like going into Christmas break with the weight of your GPA hanging over you like the 16-ton Weight of Damocles. Seriously, I doubt it's going to be that bad, but it doesn't exactly put one in the Christmas spirit. Having chirpy high schoolers IM me with "It's almost Christmas!" doesn't help, either.
Ah well--it all comes down on me now but second semester will hopefully bring some calmness and clarity at the beginning. Maybe I can even go back to eating breakfast on a regular basis. Though that would require gumption. I wonder if I can borrow anyone's?


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