Saturday, December 27, 2003

I know that the purpose of a blog is to describe one's personal life in detail, but I still can't get over the idea of an online diary. Still seems kind of strange to me, so pardon my recalcitrance.
Christmas was pretty good this year--nothing spectacular, although I did get some good books to read. I suppose the best present is unmitigated and rather blissful sleep, although I do miss the dorm, and Dave and JP and Lauren and Danny and Sarah and Kenji and Will and Adam and Danny W. and Hank and...and the entire Taliaferro atmosphere that I've come to love.
I must admit that it was nice to get back here and spend some time with my family. In all fairness it was good to see them...but sometimes you come home to remember why you left. Not always in desperation or anger, but merely because to stay would be to postpone the inevitable. "Give your children roots and wings." Yup, yup...though it's the branches in between that always knock the wind out of you. Can't go back, can't stand still...


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