Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I got on here with the intent of writing something, but, as so often is the case, I forgot what it was. I'm rather annoyed that the Charlottesville movie theater franchises have decided, in their less-than-infinite wisdom, to allow only one cinema to show ROTK. Not only that, they don't allow you to buy tickets in advance. So it looks like I won't be seeing it until at least this spring.
Funny, though...you'd think with a movie with the appeal of LOTR3 would be put into all the movie theaters. Apparently there's a conglomerate that runs some aspect of this--either the distribution or some sort of trickle-down effect. Either way, it seems like whatever companies in town didn't get it--Regal, apparently, and maybe some others--are getting screwed over. Which is weird, considering that there's enough demand for EVERYONE to make a profit.
Ah well. Since it isn't looking good for now, I'm focussing on other films. So far I've seen Pirates yet again (at the Jefferson--you miss a good movie, see it three months later for half the price at the Jefferson Theater) and In America, which is a good one if you don't mind emotionally intense movies. It's got a good ending so it's worth the watch, if you dont mind some sadness (then again, who LIKES sadness?). Also, it gives you the oppurtunity to hear some good Irish accents; always a plus for me. My favorite line deals with the concept of Trick or Treat on Hallowe'en: "Americans don't ask, Mam...they demand. If you don't give them candy, they threaten you."
In other news, there's a really good book out called The March Up which is about the invasion of Iraq. It's written by two ex-Marines, one a general and one a former undersecretary of defense, who rode along with the three Marine regiments of the 1st Division who participated in the liberation of Baghdad. It has great photos. Also, these guys have an advantage over the embed journalists; they're leathernecks and know what it's like, being a grunt. The equipment on the ground hasn't changed too much (I'm talking day-to-day stuff--not the GPS, radio, etc. stuff that has undergone much improvement) since the Vietnam War. Plus, the Marines tolerated--even idolized, in the case of the general--these guys, and were more comfortable around ex-Marines than around a CNN or FoxNews reporter who happened to be in their convoy.
I'm not trying to downplay the embeds here--I think it was a fantastic idea on Rummy's part, not only for the great up-to-the-minute news reports but also for the accuracy. With those guys in there reporting on the "chivalry and soldierly compassion," as Marine General Mattis of the 1st Divison put it, of our soldiers, it was impossible for the leftist blowhards to spout falsehoods about "atrocities," "quagmires," and "massacres." That is, until we took Baghdad. Now the embeds are gone and the press is ranting about another Vietnam. Apparently they forgot that we never occupied Hanoi, never had Ho Chi Minh in a nice little cell, and never had the Communist Party of North Vietnam on the run. Ah, how quickly they forget...where are you now, Mr. Cronkite?


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