Sunday, November 16, 2003

Wow, so much to talk about but so little to accurately describe. Half of Taliaferro went out to dinner to celebrate Liz Sadock's birthday. Speaking of which, Cornerstone's--where we went--has GREAT desserts. I had key lime cheescake, which was awesome. Liz and Christine shared a French dessert whose name escapes me...I remember it was in the movie "Amelie" and that I had one when I was in Paris.'ll come to me later and I'll kick myself. Anyways, it was a sort of custard thing with a kind of hard syrup crust--you'd know it if you saw it. Alaine had the chocolate orgasm cake. Really! She did! Which led to some interesting albeit predictable quotes.

Yesterday...meh. History as usual. We went to the UC where Mike Nardone and Hank got into a tomato fight which was the funniest thing most of us have seen in a long time. It may be one the mini-things that go down in history around here, along with Joanna's "going tribe on your ass" and "Danny, you f***er!"

Ah I have to study for a Phi Mu Alpha test. I'm beginning to doubt the wisdom of joining my first semester...


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