Monday, November 10, 2003

Well, at least the leaves have fallen. Which is a good thing--don't get me wrong. I was a little worried that they'd only fall in March/April when the new leaves forced them off the branches. The weather got cold literally overnight; the pretty much unanimous reaction is "Where the hell did THIS come from?" As though walking around in shirt sleeves in November was natural. I get the feeling that there's something in the water or air around WIlliamsburg that preserves life forms. Perhaps I'll graduate here with the body of a 19-year-old.
Oh yes, and Sarah, Lauren, Dave, Danny, Adam, Chrissy, Andy, Charlie and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean on Saturday. It was awesome, and by awesome I mean AWESOME! Although I was a little disappointed that there was no female equivalent of Johnny Depp. I've been thinking about posting a sign on Dave's door that says "But why's the RUM gone???" I guess to understand that you would have had to have been here on Friday night/Saturday morning when he became his alter ego, Bacardi-Man...


Blogger Danny Brothers said...

will, I can't get enough of reading this blog. Its bringing back memories I haven't thought of in years! Like the night dave stole my huge bottle of bacardi and drank it all. I remember being very pissed.

9:13 AM  

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