Wednesday, November 19, 2003

This may seem like a rather strange blog, but I felt that there was something important about this. Danny Brothers across the hall has his away message up. It's one of his three or four different ones, this one being the simple remark 'I'm around" followed by his phone number. And yet, somehow, this message is like a balm. Maybe it goes back to the days I'd lie in bed half-asleep late at night, while my parents were still around the kitchen, and feel reassured by the fact that there was someone still awake to watch over me. And Danny's the kind of guy by whose presence you feel...I don't know what the word is...COMFORTED. Like I said, this is sort of a strange blog, exacerbated my inability to articulate what I want to say...but somehow, it's a good feeling seeing that away message and knowing that when he's "around" it means that he's around the tower--usually ensuring that people like me want to be "around" as well.


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