Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Phi Mu Alpha flag football tonight...wish me retroactive luck, because you'll probably read this after I'm dead and--I mean, finished playing. I'm bringing Kenji and Danny, who are my dormmates--have I not told you about everyone in the Tower yet? If not, you need to take this quiz:


*Warning: not for the serious-minded or easily offended individual. I probably shouldn't even be making it open to adults.*
Anyways, Kenji and Danny are both good, or so I hear--I was at class the day we had practice so I couldn't go, but Jason Tomik, our chapter president and quarterback, said they were great and that I could be Rush Chairman. Maybe I could even have FEO Chairman and take Jack's place--although he does give out a lot of A's on the stuff we do and feeds us lines on the questions, so I guess we shouldn't replace him just yet.
In other news, apparently we are down the "Final Four" in the Taliaferro's Hottest competition. We all voted for the best-looking roommate pairs (of the opposite sex, bien sur) by sending an email to Joe Mason on the second floor. I guess he has some stake in it because one of his girlfriends (yes, he has an Aragorn complex--not that I'm bitter...) is in the Final Four thing. With any luck this could lead to violence, mud wrestling, and making out. Or else Hollywood has been lying to us all these years.


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