Monday, November 17, 2003

Okay, I've finally discovered that the French dessert was named "creme brulee"--insert appropriate accent egues and accent graves as needed.
Passed the PMA test...and Clue Week has now started. Last night I was IM'ed by a guy with the screenname "Willsbigbrother" who told me to go visit an NKE over in Jefferson and do math with her for an hour. And yes, I am completely serious. No, I'm not joking. So stop asking! To be completely fair, I was too tired and apathetic to really do any math, so we talked about Phi Mu Alpha and chemistry for a half an hour or so. Tonight I go over to Pleasants for "snacks." Knowing the kind of tricks these guys pull, I'm kind of nervous about the "fine cuisine" Hum...nothing else of note. What do you really expect anyway, from a freshman?


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