Friday, November 07, 2003

Not much to report this week, sadly. More of the same...think back on your college days. Hell, think back to any routine. There's comfort in it, but do you really want to hear about all of it? I don't have funny cute kids, so that's one bloggable subject out. 90% of the hilarious stuff that rocks my world here at Taliaferro isn't suitable for my parents to read, so there's another one out. I need to have a site like of which, if your modem is fast enough, you should visit this site. Various good quotes from HomeStar 'toons:

"I've gone blind! At last, my prayers have been answered!"
"What are you doing, you crap for crap??!! You brains for brains!!"
"I got you that lightswitch so you could turn the lights on and off...not so you could throw lightswitch raves!"
"Hey, this computer ketchup IS better than the regular kind! Although it could use some RAM...and some megachips..."
"Guys, line up on my right for high fives; ladies, line up on my left for making out."


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