Friday, November 28, 2003

I won't bore you all with details of my Thanksgiving. Everyone's individual experience is a little different--some people have big families, other people have small familes, other people have families of whom only a very few member decide to show up. Not that I'm bitter...I just wanted it to be like when I was little and there were lots of people, enough to eat all the food we had made.
Anyways, as I was saying, the general similarities are the same--family, friends, turkey, contented lethargy, dessert, ride home, etc, etc. Not like Christmas where situations can vary greatly--though I suppose that gift-giving tends to create a sort of a paradigm shift for holiday experiences.
And I helped my sister-in-law with her Calc homework. "Go me!"
Finally, a link for youLOTR fans out there:
This is just frikkin' hilarious.
See y'all later.


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