Sunday, October 26, 2003

Yeah, so I haven't been posting recently because I would be in danger of falling victim to the demon Self-Pity. Not that self-pity is a bad thing, but I always tend to go back for seconds...and thirds...and doing so in public is, strangely enough, not always considered to be in the best of taste. Anyways, if it's time for the Obligatory Bland Weather Comment, the weather here has been unseasonably warm. I asked Katie about it last night when we went to the Phi Mu Alpha dance (where she scared a few people and floored quite a few more) and she said that it is usually colder by now. Which is good because I was worried about being out in just a jacket. I need a trenchcoat to go with my suit...and a dark gray fedora. The darkest fedora I have isn't close enough in color to be acceptable (accatable, as Knocko and Catherine would say).
Oh yes, fun story...Katie and I went down to the golf course last night and wandered over to the pond where I used to feed the ducks when I came here during annual council. After we spotted a great blue heron by the water's edge and I had gushed and Katie had remained fairly underwhelmed, we went down to say hi to the ducks. Then I remembered that there was some sort of hostess' station in the open-air part of the restaurant nearby. So I went over to the building and went into the open-air part (hey, it wasn't locked--come on, if they really wanted that silverware they'd keep the al fresco part chained off at least) and stole four packages of crackers from the top drawer of the station. It wasn't a lot but we managed to feed the ducks. At least we have one thing in common, even if it's feeding ducks late at night. Some things don't make sense anymore but somehow, things like that redefine the word "sense" and "understand."


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