Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Well, I see Andrew now has a semi-formal column that partially focuses on Katie and me. At least I don't censor him! *AHEM COUGH COUGH HMMM* Yes, well, anyways...now I'm going to be assumed guilty until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. At least I got some laughs out of it. I told everyone on the Tower and 1st Floor to be glad she was busy writing a paper--people who get a full dosage of Katie tend to end up in either a 1) mental institution or 2) bureaucratic high-level job.
Those of you who haven't seen it, read James' Blog. (http://jamesfirecat.blogspot.com/) And yes, I know, a lot of it probably won't make sense, but Andrew now has a "James for Dummies or at least Non-Geeks" up on the blog itself. My only observation is, that if it looks like a Lord of the Rings reference but seems to be really badly spelled--make an estimated guess based on approximate letter location. Example: "Midas Turth" is really "Minas Tirith." You get the idea. Just assume that if you don't understand a joke, like I sometimes don't, that it is a reference to D & D, Magic: The Gathering (either the cards or the series), or Final Fantasy 7 (FF7), the last of which I believe is the inspiration for James' character.
At any rate, he has some good lines and some remarkably good insights into mine and Andrew's life here together at W & M. (To see what I mean, scroll down until you see "Meanwhile at William and Mary." It should be on one of the more recent posts.)


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