Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Well, the doctors tell me I have hives. Great. I think I'm allergic to my roommate...I need to get my hands on some Andrewhistamines.
We've been having fun defacing the Alcohol Awareness board up here. It used to have letters that read "Sotally Tober" which now read "Say 'Ya' To Beer." There are also a bunch of other profane, disgusting, chauvanistic and pretty hilarious stuff which I can't relate here because humor-impaired people have been known to read my blog. Anyways, it's sort of a guy thing, like the Three Stooges or pyromania. Not that there aren't girls who are pyromaniacs, but I think it's more of a testosterone induced thing than an across-the-board characteristic.
Speaking of pyromania (heh), there was a fire drill tonight--Chrissy apparently set a bag of popcorn on fire. Danny told her that that would go on her permanent record and that they'd kick her out of med school for it. She started sobbing and Sarah had to soothe her. I reminded her who was talking and that Danny probably couldn't get INTO med school in the first place. She kind of continued this high keening noise as Sarah led her back into Talliaferro, hopefully to give her some Valium. Poor Chrissy--petite 5'1' ladies from Minnesota who like figure skating, shopping, and chicken alarm clocks aren't made to handle the stress of lighting fires.


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