Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well, Andrew and I agree that a good time was had by all at the Ring Dance. Not that we're that great--we just like to do spastic stuff. It was awesome during the song "Shout" because the MC yelled "Gator!"--since Andrew and I had just seen "Animal House" we knew exactly what to do. (Although it is hard to go low in dress clothes--I can't imagine how Katie and Susan did it since they had problems merely sitting down.) First time in a while that I've had water--you can get dehydrated quickly out there.
The Japanese restaurant was really cool too. They cook your food at the table and have really dextrous cooks. Our chefs liked to throw stuff at us--Andrew and I both got pieces of zucchini hurled into our faces (I personally got nailed in the eye). They cooked rice and vegetables (I ate onions for once just because they were fried at my table and it seemed like such a shame not to eat something which I had seen blazing with fire moments before). Then there was shrimp and the entrees (Katie and I had kind of a communal situation with my chicken and her steak). I wanted to try the green tea but they didn't serve it. Oh well. Next time. RIGHT! I doubt I could afford a meal there. I don't think it's Trellis level, but then again, not much is.
Katie made fun of my dancing and I got mad, but she told me that getting made fun of is half the fun for her. So I just went out and tried to achieve a state of non-consciousness. Which would've worked except I step on other people's feet way too damn much to be un-self-aware.
At any rate, it was a "Woo-hoo!" sort of evening.


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