Monday, October 13, 2003

Okay, I have to say that my Chem Lab discussion course is pretty boring. It's not really the fault of the professor--although he does remind somewhat of the accountant from Monty Python's "Career Guidance Counselor" sketch. He's just...sort of dull, I guess. For instance, he talked about how if you left the clamp on a rubber tube that supposed to drain oxygen out of a flask that that would be "leaving a gas to expand within a closed system, which would lead to a rapid pressurizaton followed by a rapid depressurization." No no no--forget this pressurization thing. It would lead to a BAM! as the test tube goes shooting off to eviscerate the person next to you as it explodes, and a BANG! as the rubber tube blows open wider than Jimmy Carter's smile and shoots water and gaseous oxygen all over the lab. I mean, it's chemistry. We're blowing things up. It's time to stop talking in stilted jargon and get down to what's REALLY going on. For instance, the "thermite reaction" (puh-leeze!) should be renamed the "Spit and Fizzle." You get the idea. We need to make chem accessible to the general public...pyrotechnics for everybody!


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