Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Not much to do tonight. Except a Calc lab. But who in their right mind wants to do a Calc lab? NOBODY! So there isn't much to do tonight. QED.
Learning the chords for "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Adam McCool from next door is providing sporadic percussion from his computer game ("Kill, Kill, Kill, KILL, IV: More Blood, Gore, Guts, and Veins"):
"Oh the legend goes BAM from the BAM BAM BAM of the BAM that they BAM BAM BAM BAM" is the first line. Maybe we should rename it "Symphony in Nine Millimeters" by Glock. Seriously, though, it's interesting to read about the ship. Gordon Lightfoot wrote the song because the newspaper story he read about the sinking (it was only 27 years ago, which surprised me--you think of shipwrecks in the days of yore when they were oilskins and had lanterns and steam power and such. The 70's were a time of acid, revolution, pot, more acid, long hair, new age stuff, pot, and revolution--not a time of shipwrecks) spelled the name wrong. He was outraged on the crew's behalf and wrote the song to commemorate them. Pretty interesting, really. A musician with a sense of historic events is a neat thing to find.


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