Thursday, October 30, 2003

Is it just me, or is there a LOT of bravado out there? Seems to me we're so busy trying to convince ourselves and other people that we're not drowning that we forget to swim.
Had a cool time last night trading/listening to music with Joe, Mike, and Tyler. I ended up playing "My Old School:"

I remember the thirty-five sweet goodbyes
When you put me on the Wolverine back to Annandale
It was still September when your daddy was quite surprised
To find you with the working girls in the county jail
I was smoking with the boys upstairs when I heard about the whole affair
I said, "Oh no, William and Mary won't do,
Well I did not think the girl could be so cruel
And I'm never going back to my old school"

I'll never tire of the reaction of people who are sitting there--ho hum, another song--and then they hear the refrain and they BAM! sit up in their seat.
"Did he say WILLIAM AND MARY?"
Yep. That's why you don't go to UVa or Tech, people. Not just 'cuz a grad of W & M founded UVa, and not because they're both inferior schools--apologies to any Hoos or Hokies out there (but not really). No, not because of that, but because there's a Steely Dan song about them. Doesn't that just kind of settle the issue?


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