Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I had something funny, but now it's gone. Perhaps it will come back. Today was actually very uneventful. Not too much interesting going on, and we aren't blowing anything up in Chemistry right now. Which is a damn shame. Why do they think I want the degree? For the betterment of mankind? Yeah. Right. I want to set things on fire! NOW!
Speaking of evil, I realized today, while watching Andrew shoot people on "007: Goldeneye" that I am rooming with an evil, naricissistic megalomaniac with no soul and a death wish. I also can't stop him from talking to me while I'm on the phone.
Continuation of the conversation on James' blog *actual transcript*:

Andrew: Hey Will, guess who really killed JFK?
Me: *tiredly* ...You did, right?
Andrew: Damn skippy.
Me: Why do I bother?

Oh yes, and last night's to put this...dorky. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to answer it. I KNOW the answer and I wouldn't send it in if you paid me. Anyways! Here's a better one: What is the reason for the current configuration of the QWERTY keyboard? Hint: Dvorak. Google it.


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