Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hey, people, I realized what this blog is missing! I can't be like James and have all the charcters of a saga in an alternate universe living and speaking within my head, so I want ideas! Fresh ideas! New ideas! Ideas for what to set on fire! For instance: Does formica burn well? And if so, to what creative uses can it be thus put? Also: What is the best flammable substance to use when learning to breathe fire?
Anyway, we need some reader (or lack thereof) participation here. So let me throw out the topic for however long I feel like making this the topic: your college caf. Why is everyone bent on demonizing college food? Is it merely that my taste buds are innured to bad food, which would be odd, since I was fed obscenely well at home? Or has food gotten better? Weigh in and prepare to have your words posted on the nationally syndicated blog of Gryffilion the Warrior and Jack-of-all-Trades.
Also, a trivia question, for those of you who have no interest in college caf food. Why is it that most pyramidial structures have an approximately 25-30 degree angle of elevation? Assume that the blocks used to build the pyramid are built to conform to the standards of the Golden Mean (1.618:1, if my memory serves me correctly). In case that didn't give you the answer, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with astronomy or religion.
I suppose I could always start a comments thing but Andrew had problems with it once, and anyways, I'd have to ask him for help. (He always gets annoyed when he has to help us mere mortals with our technical problems, so I usually let my comp screw up and then forward the problem to my more cordial sister-in-law.)


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