Friday, October 10, 2003

Figured it was time for me to weigh in on the whole "Arnold" hoopla. Everyone ELSE is, after all--some of these news services are worse than C-SPAN. The weird thing is, NO ONE is happy about the election--some people think it's funny, outrageous, a scandal, a travesty, etc, etc.
However, some, like me, are merely curious about the guy. Much as I hate to disagree with the guys at, I have to say that most conservatives seem to be getting rather worked up over this. "He's not the right KIND of conservative! What about Proposition 54 and the "right-wing crazies thing?" And that the remark about only religious fanatics opposing stem cell research!"
Well, la dee da. He's barely given his acceptance speech and everyone's a critic. Come on, people! Cut the man some slack! First of all, let's consider the place: California, the State of Mayhem. Maybe his remarks are due to the fact that he's been drinking the Los Angeles Crazy Water ("Now only $199.99 per bottle at your local Pretentious (TM) Grocery!") a bit too long and has taken on some of their fascinating but vapid ideology. Or maybe he's cannier than we give him credit for and doesn't want to say what he's REALLY gonna do once he gets the key to the executive washroom in the Governor's Mansion. After all, if he gave even a slightly right of center or even moderate viewpoint at same rally in Hollywood, how far do you think he'd get? Even if he is Schwarzenegger, Mr. Brawny Charm, Herr Lovable Hun, his fellow actors aren't exactly going to be tickled pinko over one their red-headed conservative step-brethren taking office.
Or it could be that he's going to do exactly what he says and believes everything he's stated, word for word. If so, fine--what seems to count here is that he's doing what Gray Davis wouldn't--couldn't--and cutting those egregious taxes. George Will complains that when Bush campaigns on the Left Coast in 2004 that he wont be facing a population "seething with "resentment of spending cuts and attempted tax increases advocated by a hugely unpopular Democratic governor." Riiiight. Does that mean that every Californian should have to suffer for Davis' sins? Of course not. Maybe Arnold will prove to be so popular that he whips them into a pro-Republican furor. I wouldn't count on it, but for those of you supply-siders out there: Remember what the last Republican governor of California who also happened to be an actor did.
All I'm saying is that Ah-nold could be doing things for a multitude of reasons, and that for once a whole hell of a lot of people have been displaying remarkably little patience to sit back, grab a soda and some popcorn and watch the show. After all--he's the Terminator! Now he's governor! Why isn't that COOL enough for some people?
They're getting to be as bad as those stupid previews. SHTAHT THE MOOOOVIIIEE!


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