Monday, September 01, 2003

Time for a quick post before I leave for my Chem Discussion course. Eh, in my day, sonny, we didn't need no discussion courses; if a professor didn't like our work he whipped us right good with a yardstick! I realized that I like my Calc class the other day when Professer Shi finished an example and a student asked, "Could you do one that's a little harder?" and NO ONE COMPLAINED. Not one snicker, sigh, or glare from anyone in the room. High school memories, you are now dismissed from my memory. Tap tap, DELETED.
At least with the courses I'm taking, my professors aren't giving me the standard line of "forget everything your high school teachers taught you." Of course I guess I'm biased, after taking an extremely esoteric Stat course last year where he completely destroyed my Mickey Mouse ideas about the subject. When I finished the course, I fully expected to be in a course where my physics prof would say, "Now, class, you may have heard in high school that gravity is a natural law. That is false. It can and will be revoked at the whim of any qualified individual, especially our tenured staff."
On a altogether different note, I met a guy when we were getting our books the other day (I don't know when, all those orientation days kinda merge in my mind) who, had he been carrying two more books, would have been unable to see over them. I asked him what classes he was taking and he said, "Healthy Living 103 and Stress Management 235."
Seriously, he had three government classes with about ten books each and something else with another fifteen, by a rough estimate. His parents must be selling off major organs on the black market to fund his budding career as a political analyst. Speaking of which, selling your soul to get into politics isn't necessary--being born without a soul will suffice.
Got to go...more later.


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