Sunday, September 14, 2003

Forgive me for sounding judgemental...I just find it disillusioning when I see people close to me drinking. I suppose drinking in and of itself isn't so bad--but when it becomes a game, something to be toyed with (literally--I don't know what they're playing but coherency is lost rather rapidly. Drunk people tend to be funny only to other drunks and people who drugged people laughable) I guess it makes me feel...weird. I guess I'm just sensitive about the whole subject--I kind of went to the other extreme when I saw the single-mindedness it brought to people I knew in high school.
Ah, but I'm in no place to cast stones. Alcohol would be a lesser evil in some respects. In the end, we all do a bunch of stupid stuff--some that we look back on with regret, some with a sort of wry fondness--and the vast majority of us survive virtually unchanged.
The only other part of it is: why would anybody want to use a beverage that tastes like iron filings filtered through bilge water in a GAME? "Next up: we're going to suck poisonous smoke into our lungs and snort painful substances into our noses! This is called fun!" Makes you wonder who first thought, on seeing a tobacco plant, Hmmm. I'm going to stick this in my mouth, set it on fire, inhale, and see what happens. It takes all kinds, but it seems that most of them are crazy.
Andrew still isn't back from his dart gun fight. I hope someone with a supercharged Nerf rifle didn't leave him paralyzed in the gutter. Will? I feel...cold...


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