Friday, August 29, 2003

I have to leave pretty soon for my Chemistry and Calculus classes, but I figured I might as well sign in for the morning. I really like the breakfasts here--which is surprising, because mostly my idea of breakfast is espresso.
Had an interesting night yesterday/this morning. Cassie, Liz, and a couple other people had a Twister game going and Matt suggested that it was too simple. "We need something like, 'Left eye purple diamond!'" He and I spent most of the time making obscene jokes about the contortions of the players.
Andrew and I were discussing Kate's auditioning for the part of a prostitute in a play going on somewhere on campus. My take on it was that any review would be bad. An unfavorable review would quash ambitions and ruin future chances in other plays, and a good review would basically say "you did a convincing job playing a prostitute." Andrew said he wouldn't mind that--the fact that somebody might pay money for him was something he found oddly flattering. I told him that was one way to feel valuable.
Next blog: Interesting views on war, violence, and government that I discovered while reading Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers."


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